Mar 25, 2009

Accepted to Darden Class of 2011

Darden posted its R2 decisions today. It appears that the list was prepared before 3/25, and notices were automatically set to go over night. I had a late day at work and was still up at midnight, so I ended up getting the notice from UVA before the morning. I got an email indicating that the status had changed. I logged onto the admissions website and noted that my status had changed to "Offer." I have to say that the news humbled me more than it excited me. I felt grateful and somewhat unworthy, especially as I considered whose spot I might have overtaken.

I think it must be something about the end of busy season or end of March, but I have the same feeling that I had about Kenan-Flagler. I'm happy, but I'm also overcome with feelings of humility and gratitude. It's weird, and awkward; earlier in the process, I envisioned running outside and jumping for joy, or celebrating with my family and friends. But, my actual response has been completely subdued and muted. My friend at work to whom I confided asked in jest - "Why are you holding out on me, man?"

But, for now, I'm back at work, getting deep into a FAS 142 analysis, and still concerned about not going over time budget. After today? I suppose things will be no different, but I will step back and begin to retrain my focus toward a new distant horizon. It is time to re-assess long term career goals and what I want to accomplish in life as an individual.

Mar 23, 2009

Accepted to Kenan-Flagler class of 2011

I checked my email and found a notice that my application status had been updated. As I navigated to Kenan-Flagler's admissions website, my heart pounded in double. The link took me to a letter - Kenan-Flagler welcomed me to the class of 2011! I am very excited, but I also feel very humbled by this grace. What am I that I'm given an opportunity like this? Do I deserve this privilege? Beyond my initial excitement, I admit to a certain guilt, knowing that another person's dream might have been deferred on my account. I also wonder if I shouldn't have persevered more, or encountered more adversity, in order to deserve a chance at an education like this. I'm grateful. Very grateful.