Jan 27, 2015

What Is Your Approach to Product Management?

A product manager at Radius asked what my approach or philosophy about product management is.  My answer wasn't very interesting.  I subsequently read a post by Ernest Kim that was.

Certainly, getting the build, measure, learn cycle can be a key part of the iteration necessary to walk toward building anything good.  Are you getting analytical in your product management?  Click the link for some great articles on building with data.

Additional Reading:

Or if you want to get more nitty gritty on actual product management, Marty Cagan goes into ton of details, including how to staff and work with your engineering and designer teams, what product manager really does, etc, etc.  
Marty worked at Netscape, among other places, where he worked with luminaries like Ben Horowitz.  So, some of his experience is a little dated (in my opinion), but the wisdom and the principles hold true, because those are timeless!