Apr 19, 2009

On Kenan-Flagler

Kenan-Flagler just closed its class of 2011 Experience Weekend. I primarily attended Saturday events on April 18.

I have to say that I was impressed by what I saw and experienced. I was impressed with the involvement of the school's students, faculty, and staff. They strongly demonstrated their vision and values, and expressed what it might be like to be part of the "OneMBA" community. I felt especially good about the momentum of the program. For example, there was a renewed focus on leadership and opportunities through the Kenan Institute to enable that leadership for its students. Also, the school revised its consulting curriculum under Paul Friga (co-author of "The McKinsey Mind") and I believe its integrated and focused approach will show a huge dividend in years to come. In speaking with the current students, my overall conclusion is that Darden students are of higher caliber in terms of their intellect, their maturity, and in their career aspirations.

Per 2008 employment report by function (% reporting, mean base, bonus):

Consulting, 19% - $114,000, $22,500
General management (strictly), 4% - $89,000, $22,500

Per preliminary 2009 employment report shared during the weekend, these figures had changed:

Consulting, 17% - $109,000, $33,000
General management (strictly), 10% - $96,000, $19,000

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