Jun 26, 2009

Cost of Darden, Financing Darden

So, today, my co-workers graciously held a going-away happy hour for me at Solaris in Greensboro (pretty good by the way, but food portions are not that impressive). And as I wrap-up my life with E&Y, I'm trying to look ahead a month to school. One of the biggest things that stresses me out is the financing for school. In retrospect, I would have started applying to scholarships before applying to school. Also, in retrospect, I would have started saving far more aggressively. Finally, in retrospect, I think I would have shirked some of my work duties to enable the other two, as it was 24/7 work hours that prevented me from applying or researching financing resources satisfactorily.

Anyway, I recently updated my cost summary and my expected source of funds to finance the education. At some point, I had considered fancier options, like home equity loan or rolling over Roth 401k to cash out, but for various reasons, I decided to keep things simple. Cash, indeed, is king!

Cost summary:

Planned sources:

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