Oct 11, 2009

Passing exams

Q1 exams are at hand. It is an odd place to be in. After spending a quarter learning materials in teams of 5 or 6, sharing notes, discussing and asking questions together, we're now asked to ensure that we have individually mastered the material.

I suffered from a horrible flu over the weekend (bad timing) and must confess that I have little desire to study. Partly, it's that there is no text to study, our cases have prepared us along the way, and there is no books to read (although I should take a look at the tech notes again). More importantly, I find that at this time, I'm more pressed to think about what kind of career I should pursue, what function and industry might best suit me, and what that would mean for me personally and what kind of impact I can make in the world.

It would do me no good to pass the exams, but fail in life.


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