Mar 20, 2010

IC Class 1 - Objectives

Today, classmates shared why they registered for the course.

Why do I want to take Interpersonal Communications?
1. To better understand nuances of communication in group setting - it's of some personal interest as I grew up in a high context society (Korea) and now live in low context society (US).
2. Because I deal with feeling of being mediocre, and the hunch from various experiences is that what might be missing is a strong communications platform. For example, for me, it's relatively easy to delegate tasks to get a team to accomplish a goal. Communication a compelling vision to inspire them is another. I had some leadership opportunities at Darden, but the inspiration piece and excellence remain elusive.

Other key ideas that came to mind from class discussion:
1. To conduct some research about summer employer and map out a networking strategy.
2. To improve self-awareness (for purposes of better career direction).
3. To improve general professional communications skills.

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