Mar 20, 2010

IC Class 2 - Six Degrees of Lois Weisberg

Reading from Malcom Gladwell. What world is she in? She knew no bounds, she was confident, not always center of attention, but nevertheless central. She sought authentic connection and was generous with her connections. She demonstrates power of weak ties.

Robert Chaldini wrote of reciprocal relationships. Something Lois seemed to excel in.

What are barriers to networking? They may include: 1) lack of confidence and personal skills (incompetence); 2) difficulty of asking for help (haughtiness); 3) challenge of reciprocating help (scarcity of resource); and 4) concern about sharing information (self-disclosure).

As I revisit my self-awareness and my place in relationships and networks, I will also want to mirror the extent of self-disclosure and its impact on those networks.

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