Mar 26, 2010

IC Class 4 - Groundswell

"Jujitsu and the technologies of the groundswell"

This is an interesting topic - I think it would be very useful for those interested in public relations management for government or for corporations.

Someone pointed out that you would want to manage the content before it manages you. I think that's what this article is intended to highlight. By revealing attributes of various different online media, one can learn to manage and even influence what's being said by the masses.

Frankly, though, my opinion is that online content is viral, and that the real cost of management is that the content never catches on - it's like an anti-bacterial. Problem is, some bacteria are good for you and you want them.

Still, all of this discussion around social media and social networking is quite intriguing. Truthfully, I think we need to spend more time talking about this in corporate settings. Instead, class is still fixated on individual applications.

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