Mar 18, 2012

On social assets - reviewing Karma

A few days ago, I downloaded a new app called Karma. On the surface, it is an app that makes gift giving easier. Karma does this by taking your facebook data, and parsing words that suggest appropriate actions. For example, certain words suggest that your friend is having a tough time in life (family death) or is due for celebration (birthday). And Karma links these to ready-for-made gifts that you can send to your friend.

Peal back a layer, and you see that Karma is about connecting friends more easily and substantively beyond the means available through Facebook. Where Facebook connects by informing, Karma allows friends to connect more deeply through filtered info. Is that wise? The thing that sticks out most is ... why gifts? I'm not sure that the founders share a compelling answer.

However, I can see they have a great eye for design. I love the opening quote "only good things will follow."

See more info about this app and its founders in this interview by Techcrunch writer Colleen Taylor.

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