Dec 22, 2013

Ubuntu espeak Merry Christmas!

Linux is so cool, especially Ubuntu, which makes Unix and programming accessible to anyone - not just the technically-trained, but anyone with some initiative, desire to learn, and willingness to overcome some fears of technology & fears of getting stuck.

I remember I actually tried programming on the web, tinkering with Sun's Java toolkits, configuring Apache servers. Perhaps I should have stuck with it. It was hard, but it didn't occur to me that others may also have struggled, and at least I would have been among the few. Still, I remember all the random scripts and verbosity of Java ... it was not very approachable. Today it's much different.

Anyway, I digress. I'm not writing about learning to program. I'm just exclaiming how cool Ubuntu is. If you have a linux terminal open, then try this ... type:

$ espeak "Merry Christmas"

espeak is an old-school speech synthesizer, and if you want to hack, you can check out the source for espeak.

Watch what you're saying!

Really neat, right? Merry Christmas, everyone from me and Ubuntu!

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Merry Christmas!

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