Apr 8, 2010

IC Classes 7 & 8 - Professional Barriers: Luke's paradox

Last two days at IC have been challenging because I've been unable to focus on the topics we've discussed in class due to extra curricular activities and due to skepticism about value of the content we've handled.

It is weird. I think the idea about many of the leadership challenges is that there are lack of clear communications or proper energizing of the base. Based on some of my personal experiences, I wonder if it's actually because of the character of the individual. It seems those who are intelligent, humble, and have high character never cause intentional harm in an organization. Those who lag, on the other hand, not only stink at what they do, but they stink up the joint around them. Does this mean that you don't help the struggling swimmer, but that you let her drown? Maybe.

Here's a paradox. To those who have much, much will be required of them. To those who have little, even the little they have will be taken away.

Does that apply to the work place? Some organizations cut the bottom 10%. Should that number be higher if you want a really high performing organization? Darden itself is very selective, but I find it troubling that even at Darden, there are folks that I might like to cut from the organization. And I'm sure those others feel similarly about me. How can I reconcile this to working and performing in an organization?

How would having difficult conversations fix the performance problem? If it doesn't fix it, is it merely a tool to clarify the issue so that a manager can have an excuse for letting go of the poor performer?

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